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The Medical Coding Salary Article of Your Dreams

Do you know almost 80% of the WORLD are doing jobs mainly because of SALARY,

Everyone must need money in order fulfil their needs and wants, That is why all the people will work hard to get some decent amount of salary to run and feed their families

Salary with dream job will up our career, Yesterday I was checking my personal mail box I have got mail form my one of the student, she is asking me about the salary and their particulars in Medical coding field

Today In this post I would like to discuss about the Medical coding salary details in order to clarify all the questions & concerns of lot of Medical coding aspirants

After this reading this entire article your mind will calm down by nothing having any doubts that is why I can call this as Dream article for Medical coding salary

Medical coding salary is purely depending on the performance of the employee along with certification

To get start with good salary in Medical coding you have to write any one of the certification from AAPC or AHIMA

Some important certifications in Medical coding are

  1. CPC ( Certified Professional Coder ) By AAPC Academy
  2. CCS ( Certified Coding Specialist )    By AHIMA Academy

If a Medical coder having any one of the above certification along with good professional performance surely get good salary with decent hikes along with Higher promotions

Medical coding companies :

Medical coding salary
Work in a corporate Environment

Before we discussing about the salary particulars we have to know what kind of company are doing and providing jobs for Medical coding

Just like other Industries In Medical coding also we have lot of Multinational companies

Some of the Top Multinational companies in India are

Episource India Private limited


Omega Health care

GeBBS Health care

It is a very good idea to start the your Medical coding career in such kind of Multinational companies, These companies are meant for standards with high quality of project submissions

How Medical coding companies will get their Money :

We know that the above companies are paying salaries to the employees But how these Medical coding companies are getting money, In United Stated of America Health insurance is mandatory to all the people

If any patient visited to the hospital, the hospital team will collect the patient demographic data like Name, Health insurance policy number etc

These hospitals and Health insurance companies send the patient Medical data to the Medical coding companies for the process of Medical coding, After the process of Medical coding Hospitals and Health insurance companies will release money to the Medical coding companies, these companies will pay money to their employees this is how Medical companies getting their money

Health insurance process:

Like we discussed earlier every citizen in USA must have Health insurance, Every one has different health insurance ID to track the In and out claims

Insurance process starts when patient visited to the hospital after the successful treatment patient Medical data will send to Medical coding and Billing departments and finally claims send to Health insurance companies and they will approve or reject the claims based on the Medical data

Revenue Cycle Management :
Medical coding salary in India

RCM is a cycle and it starts with the Patient visit to the provider in this phase Identification of patient problem and the treatment of that condition will occurs

After the treatment whole set of Medical data will reaches to Medical coding department where Medical coders completes the coding process and send to Medical billing

After Medical coding, Medical billers arranged all the Medically coded data to the suitable billable format and they will submit them to Health insurance companies for the claims approvals

Based on the Medically coded and billable data claim might get accepted or rejected

If the claim get rejected AR team will follow up to Insurance companies and again send back to coding department to fix the issues for claim approval, Since it is chain process it is called RCM

Medical coding salary :

Till now we have discussed about the back end process of Medical coding and now lets see about salary details

Salary is an Reward to our work

More you work – More you get

For the clear understanding lets divide Medical coding salary into 2 categories and 2 sub categories

Medical coding salary in India :

How much do medical coders make working from home?
More you work and More you earn

Since we have huge demand for Medical coding in India The salaries will be rewarded as high

Medical coding salary for freshers  is ranges from 1,50000-2,00000 Rs per anum

If the employee is having a certification like CPC or CCS the salary will be much more and ranges from 1,75000- 2,50000 Rs anum

Medical coding salary in india per month for freshers ranges from 12,500 to 21,000 Rs ( Includes certification as well)

Medical coding salary for Experienced members is ranges from 2,50000- 300000 Rs per anum ( 1-2 years of experience has been taken into the consideration)

Medical coding salary for experienced members along with certification ranges from 300000-40000 Rs per anum ( 1-2 years of experience has been taken into the consideration)

If an employee crosses 2 years of experience with certification it will be much more and starts from 400000 Rs per anum

Medical coding salary in india per month for experienced members ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 Rs ( Includes certification as well and this will change up if the employee got more experience )

If you observe the Medical coding salary range will be lies from 12,500 to 50,000 rs per month and this number increases based up on the experience and promotion of the employee

Medical coding salary in countries other than India :

We have already seen how much demand we have for Medical coding in India, similarly Medical coding also has tremendous demand in other countries like Dubai, Singapore, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia The salary details from different countries as follows

Medical coding salary in Dubai  5,000 dirham per month

Medical coding salary in Singapore  2,960 SGD per month

Medical coding salary in USA 4656 USD per month

Medical coding salary in Australia 5860 AD per month

Medical coding salary in Canada 4400 CD per month

Medical coding salary in Saudi Arabia 6000 SR per month

Medical coding career path:

medical coding salary for freshers
Achieve your GOALS step by step

Medical coding gives you better growth in your life, by gaining experience you

will be get promoted to next levels, The career path in Medical coding will be as follows

Jr Medical Coder

Sr Medical Coder

Verifier/Auditor/Quality analyst

Team Coach

Programming Leader / Assistant Team leader

Team leader

Group Team leader

Assistant Manager

Manager Based on your performance you will be reach the higher levels

Commonly asked questions:

Do medical coders make good money?

Do medical coders make good money?

Absolutely yes, they make a lot of money

How much do medical coders make working from home?

The same criteria we explain in this post will applicable to this answer ( Medical coding work from home salary will be ranges from 12,500 to 50,000 Rs per month )

How many hours a day does a medical coder work?

Certainly it is depending upon the company you work, generally Medical coders work 8 hours per day for Fulltime mode

Is medical coding stressful?

There will be some target pressure but it is very low and it is stress free career

Is a medical coding certificate worth it?

Yes, absolutely worth, in fact your career depends on it

Conclusion :

Medical coding salary is completely depends upon performance and certification

CPC & CCS are the most important certifications for Medical coding

Medical coding companies will get their money from hospitals and Health insurance companies

Revenue cycle management is a chain process starts from patient visit to claim submission

The Medical coding salary In India ranges from 12,500 to 50,000 Rs per month Medical coding sector has lot of designations based on performance employee will get promotion

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