The Complete Guide to Medical Coding Careers

COVID 19 gave a major stroke for the Economy, By this action so many companies are landed into loses and that ultimately driven to terminate the employees and a lot of job holders are now Un-employed.

If you are one among the above category then my dear friend this is the amazing post made for YOU only.

Are you now looking for a stable career which can never touch Recession or Automation???

I am bringing you the High potential field that will lasts your career and is none other than Medical coding career

Have ever think or listen about Medical Coding?

Do you have any idea about medical coding career opportunities?

If your answer is No, well that is great We are going to reveal the entire Medical coding career guide with you.

Before understanding the Medical coding career growth, first we have to understand what is Medical coding.

What is Medical coding:

Medical coding career, Are medical coders in demand
Welcome to the High Potential Field

It Is a process of transformation of health care diagnosis, procedures and medical equipment services into Universal alpha-numerical codes.

E.g. :  Medical code for Heart Failure condition in Medical coding is I50.9

Medical coding is mainly used for reimbursement ( i.e. claiming for health insurance money ) and guarantee high quality care in future visits.

Medical coding Is the back bone structure in Revenue Cycle Management  (RCM ),The process Medical coding makes claims Accurate with Higher precision.

How Medical coding will be done :

Medical coding career
Every coded has to make good overview on ICD & CPT

In Medical Coding coders mainly relay on

ICD 10 CM   International Classification of diseases

                         It is used for transformation of Medical Diagnosis.

b) HCPCS      Healthcare common procedure coding system, It is further divides to two types

HCPCS Level I Includes CPT (Current Procedural Terminology).

HCPCS Level II Includes Medical Devices and Medical Supplies like syringe, wheelchairs etc.

Medical coding career:

Medical coding is a fastest growing career from the past few years it has plenty of jobs available in the market, But the employee gap is still un-filled.

In Medical coding employee pay role is very descent and it is learning friendly

Field. Even in this pandemic situation also medical coders receives high salaries by doing WFH (Work from Home).

Medical coding is an Evergreen field that never touch Recession.

How to become a Medical Coder:

Medical coding career
Medical coders must have to main the data Privacy & Security

First of all we have known about basic policy of Medical coding i.e Patient Privacy and security of the data.

To become a Medical coder, it requires Training & Certification.

There are some academies providing certifications in Medical Coding.



Some of the Popular certifications are

CPC (Certified Professional Coder) by AAPC

CCS (Certified Coding Specialist) by AHIMA

Qualification required for Medical coding:

Must aware Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology.

There is no qualification boundary for Medical Coding, any graduate can learn

Medical coding.

But in India Most of the companies are only taking the candidates from life science background like Pharmacy, BZC, Microbiology Nursing MLT etc.

But still some companies are preferring candidates from even non – science background It vary from company to company.

Medical coding career path:

Medical coding gives you better growth in your life, by gaining experience you will be get promoted to next levels, The career path in Medical coding will be as follows

Jr Medical Coder

Sr Medical Coder

Verifier/Auditor/Quality analyst

Team Coach

Programming Leader / Assistant Team leader

Team leader

Group Team leader

Assistant Manager


Based on your performance you will be reach the higher levels

Medical coding career salary In INDIA:

career in medical coding salary
More you work & More you get

Salary is a reward to our work; more you work and more you get that is the potentiality of this field.

The Average Medical coding salary in India is 1,50000-2,50000.

If a coder has experience along with certification, then the salary will be much more and Attractive Hikes at the end of each year.

Note: When comes to medical coding salary is an amount that comes parallelly by doing work means if you work more then you will get more this is the potentiality of this field.

Lot of MNC’S are providing Medical coding jobs, it is good to be part of that kind of MNC’S.

How to start the career in medical coding:

It is very suggestable to take training from the several medical coding academies they will train you according the latest medical coding trends and make you ready for the interviews.

Without proper training it is difficult to get a job, Many medical coding companies expecting much more knowledge from the candidates from the Anatomy point of view. 

Most reliable Medical coding training academies in AP and Telangana

Way to Medical coding Academy, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Transcode institute, Hyderabad, Telangana

Medesun global, Hyderabad, Telangana

Ikya Global, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Some of the institutes from the above list will provide short frame timing as well, we suggest not to take that kind of training program and always prefer training program which are at least two months training duration

Duration of Medical coding training program:

Generally, there will be two training programs are available in the market

01.Medical coding Certification program

02.Medical coding career orientation program

01.Medical coding Certification program:

In this program students get an overall clarity on different kinds of medical coding certifications like CPC, CRC, CIC, CCS etc

02. Medical coding career orientation program:

In this program student grab the knowledge of Basics of Medical coding and how to set their career growth in medical coding.

This entire process will work as career guide in medical coding

I know some of the members still having certain questions in your mind, we have worked a lot and framed many questions with solutions,

Commonly asked questions:

medical coding career questions

Are Medical coders in demand?

Yes, now a days Medical coders are having lot of demand in the market there after from COVID 19, Since the Health sector having high demand that will up the medical coding and creates High demand for the medical coders.

How much does a Medical coder make a year?

The salary might be varied from company to company and fresher to experienced, The average salary of a medical coder in India ranges from 1,50000-2,50000. If the employee is experienced and having certification as well the salary will be much more.

Is Medical coding a good career?

Absolutely yes, since it is mainly related to Health care industry this sector is evergreen and career growth will be rapid and hikes will be great.

How to start a career in Medical coding?

Grab the good overview about Anatomy and Pathology, prepare a good Medical coding Resume and start attending interviews.

Why is Medical coding a good career?

Because it has a lot of growth opportunities throughout the professional life


Medical coding is the best field to set your career up and running

We have to understand a fact that medical coding career opportunities are much widen and un-touchable for recession

The salaries of Medical coding in India is better and hikes are very decent

Every Medical coder must learn anatomy and pathology.

Start preparing yourself in Medical coding point of view and set your Medical coding career successful.

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